REINZ hosted the New Zealand Real Estate Auctioneering Championship 2018

Auctioneer Champs-1079.jpg

The REINZ 2018 New Zealand Real Estate Auctioneering Championships were held at Events on Khyber for the first time and proved to be a much-loved venue by both the competitors and attendees of the competition.

Events on Khyber was used in its open plan format and was perfectly spacious, allowing plenty of space for the competitors to roam around while making their call, space for judges tables, complicated AV setups, and still allowing room for more than 100 spectators to comfortably fit.

As the senior Runner Up John Bowring notes, β€œThe way that we could, as auctioneers, be on that stage and have a great room, it was huge.”

REINZ Chief Executive, Bindi Norwell sat down with John Bowring of Elite Auctioneers/Ray White Commercial Auckland. Watch the interview here